Moon Graffiti

After listening to “Moon Graffiti,” it was very interesting to see how moving just sound mixed in with someone talking can give so much detail. There were no pictures in the podcast, but yet there was so much given in these short 16 minutes. The story told in Moon Graffiti is all about a moon landing in which Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin crash instead of successfully land on the moon. The importance of audio storytelling is that it is more than just someone talking. The importance of sound effects included in this podcast made it that much better to listen to. This way of telling a story connects back to Abumrad’s video about the power of the human voice. He claims that the way he translates his stories is separate from the technology used to do so. The power of his voice can clearly get across the message he is trying to share regardless of the form of technology he is using.

One means of storytelling I love the most are podcasts. I especially like listening to the New York Times’ Podcast “The Daily.” I try to listen to this podcast every day since they are constantly discussing relevant and pressing issues in today’s society.

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