Radio Show Week Two

So our radio show is done!

Creating the radio show was much easier than I expected it to be. My group members and I kept a running Google Doc that we shared with our professor. On the Google Doc, we kept a list of our commercials and bumpers we created, and quick summaries of what we would each be individually talking about. We also had a group text message where we updated each other and discussed last minute add-ons.

The overall idea of our radio is “Spies: Reality or Fiction.” We decided to compare spies in movies or tv shows to spies or secret agents in real life. We each chose a spy movie, I chose Atomic Blonde, and discussed the characteristics of spies based on the characters from our movies. It was a good selection of movies because some were comedies, one was for a younger audience, and mine was more action/drama. After discussing our movies, we incorporated our secret agents we created earlier this semester and talked about how they fit into the idea of our perception of what a spy is. I finished my 5-minute talk by discussing spies in real life. I talked about the Soviet spy who worked for Bletchley Park in England during World War II and the nerve-agent attack last spring against the former Russian spy in England.

To create our radio show, I volunteered to edit it all together. I had all my group members send me their final 5-minute audio recordings, radio bumpers, and commercials. I then began editing them all together. I tried to create a pattern of radio bumpers, commercials, and discussions and tried to make it so that it wasn’t the same person talking back to back. When beginning and ending discussions, I edited in the same music clip to give a sense of unity between our discussions, making it clear when the 101.2 the Spy was back from commercial break and to give a better flow. I did not receive commercials or bumpers from everyone which is why there is only three of each. However, I think they were spaced out nicely and the ones I received were all creative and really added to the overall quality of the radio show.

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